20 week ultrasound update....please pray!

Well first things first...the ultrasound tech could not confirm if the baby was a girl or not because of the position the baby was in. I feel in my heart that she is still a she though and I am not concerned about that. However, when they were doing the ultrasound they could not find a certain part of her heart and they could not see where the umbilical cord was attached to her stomach. I have to go back to see a parentologist in 2 weeks for another ultrasound and to see where we go from here. I am not too concerned about the umbilical cord issue because the baby is measuring at 19 weeks, 6 days and I was 20 weeks, 3 days so she is not far behind. She is growing and if the cord was not attached to her she would not be able to grow because she would not be getting any food or air to breath. The heart issue scares me to death. I am just hoping and praying that the tech just could not get a good enough picture of the certain part of the heart that she wanted to see. I am praying that when I go back on August 23rd everything is going to be great with her. I am a nervous wreck and my stress level is just about through the roof right now. I am trying so hard to put on a strong front for Jeremy and Alex and inside I am crying and so confused. I just don't know what to think.

So please please please keep us in your prayers that everything is going to work out and she is going to be just fine. I appreciate it guys.

Danielle & Brooklynn
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Baby Name

We decided on the name Brooklynn Nichol for the baby's name. I love the name and I think it is unique and really pretty. I don't know anyone else that has a daughter named Brooklynn. We will call her Brooke, but just wanted to let you know we did settle on a name. Only 4 more months to go before she gets here. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!
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Final Harry Potter book

Well I finished the last Harry Potter book last night. Wow, I wasn't expecting some of the things that happened in it. But I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed in the ending. I don't know, I think I was expecting more. But all in all it was a really good book.

My Father

I am normally not the kind of person that would get online and type up a whole posting about things that are bothering me…but I just can’t keep this one in any longer. This whole blog is going to be about my father. He has really been making me so mad lately and I just need to get some stuff off of my chest….here is my story.


I get sick of people saying that they are going to do one thing and not do it. My dad is famous for this. I remember when Jeremy and I were getting ready to move out of our very first house. My dad said that he was going to come up and help us move since he had a truck and we didn’t have the money to rent a uhaul. So we are sitting around waiting for my dad to show up and he never shows. I start calling all over for him because we were suppose to be out of the house like 2 hours ago. Come to find out he is up at my grandfathers house…drinking. That is when it all started. So yesterday I had to bring Alex to work with me. I called my dad in the morning to ask him if there was anyway that he could pick Alex up half way through the day so I could get some work done and I knew that Alex would be bored sitting here all day long. So at 1:30 my dad calls and tells me that he is not going to be able to pick up Alex. (surprise surprise) and I tell him whatever, he can just hang out here with me the rest of the day. My dad says that I am giving him an attitude. I just shrug it off. So I ask my dad if he is going to be able to make it to Alex’s birthday party on Saturday. (we made Alex’s party from 5-7pm because my dad always goes to the 50 mile yard sale in the morning and would not be able to make it to a party that started at like 1:00…so we made it later). I told my dad a couple of weeks ago that we made Alex’s party late so he could come. Well my dad starts himming and hawing and saying that they were planning on going to Harborfest on Saturday and did not know if he was going to be able to come to the party. His excuse: Alex is going to have all of his friends there and won’t pay attention to him. I told my dad that only 4 of Alex’s friends are going to be there and that it is mostly going to be family. I proceeded to tell him whatever, if you don’t come then you don’t come. My dad has only made it to 3 of Alex’s birthday parties so far and Alex is 9 now. What does that tell you? So the more I am talking to my dad the more and more mad I am getting. Usually I just keep everything inside and don’t say anything but I finally let him have it yesterday. I was so mad. Its like one excuse after another with him. And to be honest I think a lot of this has to do with Virginia (HIS wife). It is like ever since he got married to her he does more things with her family then us. Well whatever. Everytime my dad says he is going to do something with us he either cancels or doesn’t call or just doesn’t bother showing up at all. Then I get to hear this “why doesn’t Alex ever want to come and spend the night at my campsite?” Well you know why….ALEX DOESN’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH YOU ALONE BECAUSE YOU ARE HARDLY EVER AROUND HIM!!!! My dad then says “he goes to your moms every Saturday night and spends the night but he won’t come here!” Well that is because my mom has been taking him over night since he was 3. He is used to my mom and he is comfortable there. And if my mom has not seen Alex or me for that matter in over a week she will make the special trip out to our house and see us. She doesn’t like going long without being in touch with us. My dad is not like that…its like he doesn’t care. I just get so mad. I am almost to the point where I am like WHATEVER!! I just don’t care anymore. I don’t want Alex going through the same stuff that I had to go through while I was growing up. I want better for Alex. I just don’t know what to do about this anymore. Jeremy gets so mad at me whenever I talk about it because it always seems like I forgive my father for what he does. I never tell my dad what is on my mind. So that sucks because it causes fights between Jeremy and I. I just don’t get it. Doesn’t my father realize what he is doing? He is getting me AND ALEX to the point where we just don’t care anymore if he shows up or not to be honest. My dad is suppose to be picking Alex up from daycare today to take him out to dinner for his birthday. Alex says to me this morning on the way to daycare “what if grandpa doesn’t show up to pick me up?” and I said “then I will get you after work honey.” Alex shouldn’t have to ask me questions like that. He should think that whatever his grandfather says is true but he is starting to learn that that is not the case at all. My dad can tell Alex stuff until he is blue in the face but until my dad shows up, it doesn’t mean a thing to anyone. Poor Alex. I want to shelter him from that pain but at the same time I try to give my dad the benefit of the doubt. Is that wrong on my part? I just don’t know. And what about when Brooklynn comes? Will my dad even be around to see her after she is born or will he tell me that he will be there and not show up? I hate having to just wait and see what happens. It is not fair. I think from here on out I am not going to let my dad do this to Alex and I anymore. We both deserve so much better than this. It is tearing Alex and I apart inside. I know that it hurts Alex because I remember what it felt like when my dad did it to me. I am NOT going to let my son go through that. I won’t!
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It's A........................

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! We are thrilled!!!!! We have lots of names picked out. Let me know what one you like best.

1. Brooklynn Nichol
2. Mackenzie Nichol
3. Madelynn Nichol
4. Autumn Nichol
5. Kimberlynn Nichol

We LOVE Brooklynn Nichol. Let me know your opinions. :-)

Time for an update?

I know that I have been slacking in the updating department but there really hasn't been anything going on. Baby & I are doing well. I finally picked up his/her heartbeat the other day with my doppler so I can stop worrying. I go for another check up on July 3rd. I am hoping to be able to get an ultrasound and see what we are having. I can't wait. I am pretty sure that we are having a girl. Any suggestions on names? The middle name has to be Nichol after my sister. We were thinking about Autumn Nichol but there really isn't a nickname or a shortended version of Autumn. It does sound really nice together though. 

I am definitely starting to show now. I have a little baby bump. I am 15 weeks tomorrow. The time is going by so fast. I am glad. It seems like just yesterday I was telling Jeremy that we were pregnant and now I am almost 4 months along. I can't wait to get the 1/2 way point. It is so exciting. Actually I just can't wait to have him/her in my arms and healthy. That is all I can ask for. 

Well, that is all for now. I will update again after my appointment on July 3rd. Take care everyone. Keep baby & I in your prayers. I appreciate them very much.



Well baby & mommy are both doing great. I am tired but other than that, I feel wonderful. Baby's heartbeat is 160 beats per minute and going strong. Its amazing how much I love this little person. :-) I don't really have much to update about but I wanted to let you all know that we both are doing great. Alex & Jeremy are wonderful too. We are just...GREAT all around.

Talk soon....

Pregnancy update

So I went to the doctors yesterday for my 12 weeks appointment and NO MORE PLACENTA PREVIA. Everything corrected itself in there and the baby looks GREAT! I had an ultrasound done and when the tech was trying to get the heartbeat the baby was not cooperatng and would not hold still long enough to monitor the beat. He or she was bouncing all around in there. It was the cutest thing ever! So we are both 100% healthy now and doing great! The baby looks great and my weight is perfect for how far I am and everything is GREAT!!!!

Keep the prayers coming, they are obviously working!!!


I just read an entry that a friend of mine just did and it got me thinking. This entry is going to be about the things from my past that I miss, the things I don't miss and the things that I look forward to in the future. So bare with me while I blab on for awhile.

1. My sister. I miss her more than words could ever possibly describe.
2. My grandmother. She was my best friend and I think about her daily.
3. Going camping with my family. (mom, dad, gramma, grandpa & Nichol)
4. Spending the day out on the lake just swimming and tubing.
5. Being a happy family
6. Being young and having no responsibilities and no bills.
7. Softball. I loved when I played softball in high school.

1. My parents fighting about where my dad was and who he was with.
2. High school drama
3. Learning about death so young.
4. Spending Friday nights watching my parents drink and drink until they basically passed out.

1. Watching Alex grow up to be a strong, faithful man.
2. Having this baby and having it healthy.
3. Being a mommy to a newborn again.
4. Taking vacations with my kids and Jeremy.
5. BBQ's with my family
6. Getting a job that I love so much that I can't wait to go to work every morning.
7. Buying a house
8. Buying a new car
9. Growing old with Jeremy and being the happy, old couple that still walk down the street hand in hand.
10. Being completely 100% happy with my life.

WOW! I only have 4 things under my things I don't miss category. I guess that is a good thing. I couldn't think of things that I don't miss from when I was younger. I always try not to dwell in the past and to let things go but there are those certain things that stick out in my life that I will never forget or get over.

My future list really revolves around being a mommy and having a family. When I was younger if you asked me what I wanted to be when I got older I would have told you a mommy. That hasn't changed. To this day there is nothing in this world that is as important to me as Alex and this baby that is growing inside me right now. When I look at my children I see so much love and happiness that it makes my world complete. Top all that off with a great husband who has been by my side from day 1 then I am pretty sure that I have a pretty amazing life right now. I am happy. I am so happy with my life. I can't wait to have this baby and everything to be completely complete.

Ultrasound update

The ultrasound went AWESOME!! The baby has tripled in size since the last one a week and a half ago. We could see his or her head and hiney. It really was amazing. The heart was beatng away in there, very fast and everything. What a beautiful little blob in there. hahahaha. So adorable.

I am trying to scan the u/s picture in so I can share the picture with you all but my scanner was not working right last night so I couldn't do it. I promise that I will get a picture up eventually.

Keep us in your prayers. :-) Happy Happy Happy!